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  • 72W/144W LED panel soft light
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  • 72W/144W LED panel soft light
  • 72W/144W LED panel soft light
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    • Product Name:72W/144W LED panel soft light
    • Product NO.:COAVS-T144
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  • COAVS LED panel cool light, using a combination of aluminum sheet metal craft, lightweight, simple and stylish. Modular structure, easy operation and maintenance. COB LED light source chosen strip tube and high light transmission diffusion plate, the light is soft and uniform without infrared, ultraviolet light and glare. It is more energy-saving than the ordinary tricolor fluorescent light. Double-balanced thermal technology plus natural convection cooling air duct design, instant thermal export and zero noise heat dispersion.LED panel cool light also made for cameras and its color optimization to ensure faithful color rendering. Widely applicable to TV station, studio, conference room, photo studio and multi-functional hall etc.

    • Voltage: AC170~240V ,50~60Hz   

    • Lamp type: 18W×4/ 18×8 COB LED

    • Power: 72/144W

    • Color temperature: 3200K∕4500K∕5700K optional

    • Color decay: ±5%

    • CRI: 85                  

    • Controller: DMX512

    • Channel: 4CH/ 8CH

    • Dimming: 0%~100% linear dimming

    • Operator interface: LCD digital display                                                           

    • Cooling: natural convection                                

    • Environment temperature: -20℃~35℃                               

    • Protection class: IP23 

    • Barndoor: 4-leaves type

    • Size: 719×124×431mm (8管)                                   

    • Weight: 9.6kg  

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