It’s hard to think about transformation

We don’t know how to think about transformation.

I mean that literally. Our brains do not know how to think about things that are abstract and encompassing – and happening to us.

So let’s concede that transformation is disorienting, stressful, messy, and incomplete. And poky.

And it’s happening now. (With or without the PowerPoint decks.)

Why start here? Because knowing something is big and confusing makes it, funny enough, less confusing. And knowing work is messy makes it possible for us to start re-ordering things.

At it’s simplest, that’s what transformation is – a re-ordering stuff to make new (and better) stuff.

That’s what transformation work is too. It’s combining and inventing things that enable more new things: plans, roadmaps, architecture, networks, systems, processes, products, capabilities, businesses, technology, tools….

The work might be challenging. But it’s not abstract. And now we have a much easier way to THINK about transformation, especially if it’s your work, which it probably is.