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Carolyn Solares
My brother calls me a workshrink.

I kind of love messy matrixed projects…

It’s true.

That doesn’t mean they’re easy. They are not.

I once worked on a major product build where each group of stakeholders had its own methodology “they” wanted everyone else to follow. Just for fun, I made slide with all of the frameworks and methodologies: 14 separate methodologies and complex frameworks.

Fourteen. That’s a lot of frameworks. And it sounds ridiculous. But it’s not unusual. In fact, it’s pretty normal.

The truth is, to move anything new forward, we have to combine lots of methodologies. And ideas. And perspectives. Even dumb opinions, that turn out to be not-so-dumb.

Even more importantly, we need to borrow language and tools to make new things seem more familiar to lots of stakeholders across silos.

Because silos are good for only one thing: STORING RESOURCES.

And resources languishing in silos aren’t doing anything valuable.
(Or interesting for that matter.)

Value is always created outside of silos.

Interesting work too.

Does that re-focus take some effort?


Is it worth it?

Also, yes.

So I decided to combine disciplines, not only to move value out of silos, but also to make the messy work a little easier. Yes, in the matrix.

Disciplines I borrow from heavily…

Agile, Strategy, Business Architecture, Project Management, Org Design/OE/OD, Innovation, DevOps, Marketing/Go to Market, Change Management, Critical Thinking, Neuroscience-based Coaching, Matrix Leadership, Negotiation, Business Development/Selling Systems, PR, Storytelling…

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