Make your job easier by tomorrow

You can make your job easier tomorrow. 


Ask your team to use simpler words. If you don’t have a team, just start using simpler words. By simpler, I mean shorter. And by shorter, I mean 1 to 2 syllable words. No, I’m not joking. But I will explain.

It’s no big deal for smart people to throw lots of big words on a page – or 50 pages. We’re well-trained to do that. And these words have their place.

But other people’s long words are hard on us.

We don’t have the mental energy to sift through the jargon and syllables. (so many syllables)

It’s hurts to think that hard. SO WE DON’T.

Think about that: the words we use at work, every day make it hard to think. They make people tune out.

That’s just nuts.

So… By asking your team to use simpler words, they have to think – really think about what to say and how. Their short, crisp words then make it easier for you to think. (Even if they’re the wrong words.)

And by choosing your own simple words, you also flip the logic: you’ve now made it hard for people to tune you out.