I’m tired of talking about accountability

I’m tired of talking about accountability.

Yes, I said that. But please humor me.

How we talk about accountability feels awful. There’s always an edge. And most of the time, it’s about “them” being accountable.

But here’s the thing: we don’t debate accountability for stuff that exists – businesses with clear P&Ls; products with product managers; vertical functions with clear hierarchies.

No, we pass the A-Word around for things that DON’T EXIST. Things we don’t know how to do yet. Things that need lots of people working across silos to move forward.

It’s no wonder you don’t want the ‘A’ next to your name on the RACI.

But let’s look at this from a different angle. Accountability and alignment are better ending points than starting points. And both become obvious and easier once things exist. When people can where they fit.

And the moment you agree to put your name next to ACCOUNTABLE for something ambiguous, you also give yourself permission to start shaping the work.

That’s the bold move. Brave too.

Why? Because the flip side of accountability is empowerment. And call me crazy, but no one ever felt empowered by avoiding putting their name on a grid.

So be the ‘A’. Who cares? You’re now the one moving things forward.